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So...I'm out at the CMA land thinking that this is a full work weekend. I drove out here and after being stuck in a monster of a traffic jam in Bastrop, lost over 30minutes, I finally get out here to find no specific group camping spot. I talk to one fellow and he informs me that this is a "fix your campsite weekend" not an official workend. Ok...so this means that people that are renting their sites can come out this weekend and get it all nice and purty for the event. That's cool. Means I get to actually devote more time to fixing our site up than I thought I would have. What's not cool is I'm a bit by myself at the moment. None of my campmates are here and I just can't go up to another group of people in the middle of the night and say "Hey, mind if I hang with ya until it's night night time?" The other not cool part is I had to set up the tent completely by myself (harder than I thought it would be) in the complete dark...thanks to monster traffic jam.

I'm sure tomorrow night will be better, I will have ran into some folks that do know me and I can hang with them...but they ain't here tonight. :(

OT: It's a bit creepy to be hearing the outside bugs banging against the tent walls trying to get inside. I know it's the lights they want and not me...but it's still a bit eery!!

Anyway...as you can tell...I haz internetz. Thanks to my wonderful Hubby who let me steal the wireless and the portable battery so that I can keep in contact with the outside world...and keep up with Facebook's Vampire Wars game...yes, I do have a slight addictive personality...why do you ask??

Thank you to my WONDERFUL HUBBY for setting me up...see ya come Sunday!!!!
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So, the boobies are normal. Whew!!

Regarding the rest of the physical...both Hubby andd I are good!! Our bloodwork came back normal and clean! :) Yeah us!!!!
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 So, went and had my physical/well woman check today.  The whole gambit.  

Now tomorrow I have to go and get a mammogram...not just a screening...NOOOOOO...my breasts have to be special and need a fucking diagnostic mammogram!!!!  

I...DON'T...NEED...THIS...SHIT!!!!  I have enough stress already!! :(
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 LOSE THEIR COLOR SCHEME/STYLE ON LJ??????  I even went to the LJ style to set it again...NOTHING!!  I've got white background and black letters and no lines to separate one entry from the other.  VERY UGLY and VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!

Edit:  So, I tried using one of "their" premade custom colors sets and that worked...but then when I went into custom colors and changed the various things to my colors...went back to fucking nothing again!!!!!  What the hell?????


Aug. 8th, 2010 03:26 pm
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 We'll be kid free this next weekend.  Saturday just did a even more confirm of free...so...we're gonna play in the nice cool waters of Hippie Hollow!!!!!  Anyone want to join?? :D :D

P.S.  I'm off Friday the 13th...wanna make it lucky?? ;D
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 Totally work safe, unless you work in a place that has a very unfanciful boss who hates fairies.  Every now&then I do safe pics.  I'm posting publicly.  If you want to be on filter for the more "interesting" pics let me know and I'll add ya. :)

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 Though I wasn't the biggest Barbie fan...the thing I loved most was her gowns.  All the sparkle and the fantastic iridescence.  One time my Mother commissioned this wonderful seamstress who put together a dress with a shiny slinky top and an iridescent overlay on top of a pinky-lavender skirt.  I had everyone at homecoming that night said my dress looked like a Barbie dress.  That made a big grin stuck to my face all night.

So...once again, I'm getting the chance for another big dance.  Burningflipside.com's theme is "Post Apocalyptic Prom".  So, after much fretting and wondering what the hell I'm gonna do, Hubby gave me an idea that helped me to create...this... )
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 I'm looking for a corner desk that's kinda medium-ish sized and ideally has a roll-out keyboard holder.  If I get the at home position, I need a good desk that will be able to hold 2 monitors and a phone and other various desk paraphenalia.  Heck, if anyone knows of an office that's selling off their cubicle corner desks then those would be ideal because then boss can't say that I don't have a "proper" work desk.  

Anyway...the interview went well...I'm supposed to know an answer tomorrow but I's not holding breath...I've discovered that blue is definitely NOT my color!! :)
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 So, I'm interviewing for the "at home" position today.  Wish me luck to being able to wear my purple cat ears to work every day!!!! :D
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Find a true at home job.

I know long post, but no LJ cut option on phone, so if want to, just skip to last paragraph. :)

I'm tired of the carrot in front of me crap that my boss is pulling on me. The whole "want to send two employees a month home" statement from her in Dec, and yet it's almost April and she hasn't sent anyone home, including the one that qualified back in Jan. and applied and yet she's still in office is really making me wonder. I've been fully qualified since Jan. and she's not once put the call out for who want to interview for home agent for Feb. or March. My paranoid thinking is she's waiting for at least 2 others to qualify so she can screw me again. I lost my trust in boss when she screwed me the first time.

The second thing that's frustrating not just me, but everyone else in the office, well except for the Lazies and bosses, is doing Lazies work. Yep, we're STILL picking up the huge slack generated from the Lazies team. This has been going on for over three months. One person, who's really a quiet, do what I'm requested, don't make waves co-worker asked in a meeting "what's going on with referrals and what is being done to fix it?" You'd think that would be a loud, obvious hint that your employees are disgrunteled and morale is low. Instead we were lectured on we're not being good little cogs and show up to work on time or at all. Ummmm...boss you show up to work at least 20min. late almost daily. And if you "really" want us to be timely, present drones, then maybe you should fix the broken cog pieces instead of letting them get away with it...day in, day out. It really drags the morale down when one person keeps being lazy while another gets in trouble. I know, this means ya would actually have to be a bit of the bad guy...come on, give the Leads a bit of a break and back them up when they try getting people to do their jobs!! M'kay??

So, I'm putting it out to the Universe...

If anyone knows of a legit at home job that is mostly normal 40 hr week, Monday thru Friday that doesn't make me pay them first, please let me know. I'm not asking too much as for type of work. I abhore data entry, but if it's data entry along with phone that works. I do love typing like reports and paragraphs type thing. If it wasn't for the fact that EVERY college student types their reports on computers now, I'd have started my own business typing up reports long ago. I think I have a good phone voice. I've had no complaints from phone people that I'm too loud..in truth I 've had a couple of them say they can't hear me. Talk about having the confused doggy head tilt when that happens to me. LOL

Anyway, hoping this post travels well and bumps into something good!!
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Swiped and created from the You Tube video that I saw last night. :)

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Hey LJ friends! :) My Brother is trying to get into the the Cog'aoke 2 event that's happening at SXSW. He made it in last year and he rocked the house!! Today is the last day for voting and he needs votes!! Please just click on link and prove you're human and you'll be all done for the day!! THANK YOU!!!! :D http://ok.cogaoke.com/contestant/tamashii
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http://austin.craigslist.org/fuo/1611449948.html  I would be SO happy to have this for house and Temple!!!! :D :D :D :D
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 Yesterday I bought three rather thick, thick cut pork chops.  At first I was just gonna season it normally; salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder.  

But today I was having to stop at store to get a couple of things and on the way I was thinking of what to do with the pork chops.  I couldn't do the spinach stuffed, no time, but I figured I could stuff it with other stuff.

So, I stuffed 'em with:

3 thinly sliced pearl onions (basically one for each)
1 large thinly sliced shallot (split amongst the 3 chops)
two spoonfuls of feta cheese each chop
one spoonful of minced garlic in olive oil each chop
sea salt on the outside of the chops on each side and foil wrap each one individually.  

I've had the oven pre-heating for 30minutes so the pork went in with it nice and hot and ready.  It took me 30 minutes to prepare, I hope it doesn't take more than an hour to cook.  Oiy, experimenting chews up time.  

Oh well...we'll see what happens. :)
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 Not bad if I say so myself.  Let the creations begin!!!! :D
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 This is too cute not to join in...and I will screen comments unless you give permission. :)

"Were I a summonable creature, what kind of ritual would you craft to summon me?"
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 So there was a tutorial about how to make a centaur.  I didn't have a horse...but I did have a zebra.  Soooooo...I made a Zebracentaur...NSFW )
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 I'm so drunk typing....honest...it's...just I've got the backsace key very ingrained in typing habit..even while \tipsy
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Had an "AH-HA!!" moment earlier as to why I'm so excited about working with DAZ/Poser.  Because, though I'm not that great of an drawer/painter/sculpter, I have found that my artistic skill is taking pieces and putting them together with other pieces and creating a better complete piece.  I'm great when it comes to creating a costume out of various pieces.  Parts that when I tell another person what I'm gonna do with it, they look at me as if I'm a bit crazy...but when they see the completed costume they are amazed that I got the parts from various sources and were not originally made for this costume's use.  I make it work.  

My wands are the more basic; wood, crystal, wire wrap...the added feature is that I tear apart earings and necklaces to get the dangles and chains as flare for the wands.

On Metaplace, I found that my addiction was actually creating the world out of what was available content to add to your world.  Once my world was completed I realized that though the social was nice...I was finding that I had nothing really else to do.  

I realize now..that my excitement is that I am a manipulator of content to make it work with my art. And I'm happy to have possibly found a pallet to do just that. :D
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