Burning Man

Sep. 7th, 2014 08:27 pm
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So...after two years of planning and prepping, I've finally went to and have returned from Burning Man.

There's been a great deal that has happened while out there, and yet I feel like I did practically nothing of any significance that is worthy of what would be considered a Burning Man experience.

The drive away from the event on Monday was of me feeling sickly and full of "I hate this feeling of nausea" sobbing. I'm realizing it was mostly of my feelings of "yeah I'm leaving this dusty mess and anxiousness of going home" that really had me on and off crying.

I do have some things that were great our there. It wasn't all a waste, really. I think at this moment that my head is really having trouble with re-entry to reality camp.  I can see now why people are more than desperate to go back out for so many years in a row. There is just SO much to see and participate in that one visit really is just not sufficeint. I hate seeing the pics of the art that required participation to really get it that I did not actually get up close and personal with. The lotus flower art piece was an art piece that you had to come up and actually touch it so that the flower would light up in rhythm with your heartbeat. I saw it from a distance and thought the colors were wonderful...but failed to remember the interactive part of that art piece...so failed to participate as I should have to really understand and feel what this art was really about.

Oiy...such a crybaby I have become. Hoping that soon I'll finally remember the good that did happen there and use that to reprogram my brain back into the state of "having fun whenever and wherever I can find it".

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