Jan. 2nd, 2012 12:28 am
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I went outside in front yard to turn off the snow globe for last time (will take down after work tomorrow). I looked into sky and saw half moon in horizontal position that well, to put bluntly, freaked me the fuck out!!!! In all my memory, half moon at any given hour was at partial vertical...never perfect horizontal. And with the whole thing of "Earth has shifted and moon is in different position"...suddenly I'm seeing it???? So, I try to look up pics of "Central Tx Half Moon position" online. My Googlefoo sucks. Didn't find conclusive images to back up my conspiracy-theoried mind, of course. But I did find this:
 I read article and there are some hits for me. Biggest that blew my mind was the neck pain. For the last 4 days my neck has been feeling like I've just experienced whiplash. Even with work stress over 2yrs now...suddenly I'm having neck pain that has actually made me use the Hitachi Wand for it's "pretended" purpose. 
On New Year's Eve, I had a friend go ahead and read some cards...I just wanted a one card wonder and somehow when I pulled that one card, two more tagged along with it. All three talked about family. Another sign mentioned in this article was family & friends. The cards said I focus and therefore not through selfish means keep my family and friends, but keep them because we're just that strong together. :D
Have had crazy inner sadness. Will continue to fix. :)
Actually looking for job/career change...would rather have it recognized soon enough to not be jolted by that crazy ride of "suddenness". You know??
My dreams have been more intense...will pay attention more.
Pretty sure everyone has noticed, especially Hubby, my talking with myself.
Little at odds with the no passion...Physical passion has decreased :( *working on it*, but passion to escape current career situation and passion for costumes/masks have increased...well, last month or so that has decreased, but I consider that "artist's block". 
Longing to go home...NOPE. Longing for a just world on this planet Earth...YES! And maybe that's what last paragraph is trying to say. I'm not tour of duty is not only signed up for, but for the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and...etc...etc...etc...:D

 oh and forgot to mention the sign of "being a teacher". Come'on Universe... I'm working on that, ok? Just have to figure out the starting you keep trying to teach me...have patience! ;)

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