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 In January I made a mask for Austin's Carnival.  It was an AWESOME mask.  It was large and had so many parts and yet easy for me to make.  And I had NO clue what the hell I was doing.  I just "knew" what was needed and where the glue and parts need to be positioned and viola...a mask that was SO in charge of that event. :)

Out of ALL things I've made, to help a costume along...this was the most enjoyable.  I've made fans, kitty tails, dragon wings, hats with rabbit ears, wands & staffs, and probably much more just can't remember it all.  I love creating costumes even though I can't sew from scratch, hot glue is my friend.  As I've said to family and friends, I can grab things out of a closet or hidden box of accessories and farm parts to create new stuff.  

So, that's what I'm trying to do as a business venture.  Hence, Costume Alchemy: Hidden costumes in your closet.  

The interesting part is this idea branched from that mask back in January.  I've made like over a dozen masks since then.  I'll be at a booth this next weekend trying to sell 8-9 of them.  I've already got 2 at a consignment store, one of those being raffled off for a great cause.  

I wanted Costume Alchemy because I knew that the opportunity for lots of different things for my creative side to explode outward, ie: different costume ideas, opportunity for different accessory creations, and just simply lots of different people to interact with.  

The interesting part is I can't stop making the masks.  When I analyze myself, I thought, I can't make this more than once or twice and then I'll get bored.  I have with all other projects.  I just couldn't keep it up...and yet...the masks...WOW!!!!  I may be jinxing myself now, but I actually feel like I could keep going after this one booth event this weekend.  Actually, I have another booth event that I could try to sell masks at.  WOW!!!!  And I mean this is WOW to me!!  I'm not bored.  It may be the booth opportunities that is spurring me on, but that was one of my worries is that then I'd feel pressured to make this one product and my idea machine would break. 

And just now, it didn't really break, but it did hit a brick wall, but then I remembered an idea and poof wall is gone.

What's surprising to me is I don't feel like I'm slowing down.  I still want Costume Alchemy to happen...it's just I realized that the masks may be the "front" to the business...and I'm OK with that. :D :D
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