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I saw this link on Facebook.  The guy has 6 children.  And considering how much my husband and I are making combined and are struggling with just one child and a mortgage and still try to have some decent fun in between....I can kind of understand...a little.  Wish we could be making over $170,000 a year!!!!!  BTW...that's just his money.

Anyway...the thing that triggered me was "6 children".  Really????  That many??  WHY????

Now China's One Child Policy...seems a bit harsh.  I mean... to deprive your child of a sibling...(I have a brother :D )...and if you really have the type of family that really is great and supportive then the experience of one should happen again.  We're humans...we like our good experiences and want them over and over again.  Right?

I say let them at least have two and then stop.  Sorry if you don't get your boy to carry the family name...but you got to at least have your drug one more time.

But, over here in US, and this is the part that will get me shot, we have religion that requires us to breed...and breed...and breed.  We have religion that says that sex is for procreation only, so when a couple finally enjoys one of life's most enjoyable events...suddenly we have more children that really aren't wanted but "god" is punishing us for having a harmless enjoyable time together.  Children???? as punishment????  That's what it looks like from my prospective when I view certain unsavory family dynamics.  (btw...my family's dynamic is AWESOME because they did want us. :D )
And now, it's punishment forced on this nation and worse our public workers.  "I have six children I need to support!!  One hundred and seventyfour thousand dollars a year is NOT enough to support that big of a family!!"  THEN DON'T HAVE THAT FUCKING MANY CHILDREN!!!!
US should now enforce 2 children rule.  Reduce population growth...reduce welfare...reduce people having children to STAY on welfare...and heck, it might even reduce the spread of venereal diseases because government is forced to support pregnancy protection *THE HORROR!!*
Ok...drunken rant done.  Please don't shoot me!!

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