Nov. 27th, 2011

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So...I'm on Poly & Kinky group list on Fetlife and someone asked about if there were anyone who is Occupy Wallstreet supporters.  There were a lot of "yes'" and there were a couple of "no's".  And there were, of course, a couple of "what a waist of time...they should be protesting Congress."  This was my comment..

Yes, I support Occupy Wall Street and my city's Occupy Austin. I am poly, kinky, pagan and a nudist. My viewpoint and reasoning for participating, and yes, I HAVE participated, is to get economic equality back for EVERYONE and for my child who will soon be going to college and I want to help make sure that she will actually have a well paying job upon graduating. The whole "willing to work for it"...have you not actually SEEN what's happening???? All these college students that are graduating with their parent's voices in the back of there minds saying "you don't want to be a burger boy now do you?" or "you don't want to be working as a blue collar bum, do you??" So, they went to college to be upper middle class employees. However, all THOSE jobs got outsourced overseas!!!! So...are you saying that all our college graduates should be going overseas to get a job???? As for protesting you really blame the Muppets for the movie or the puppeteers?

The other reason I support OWS is because it's also about the right to freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness...NOT your happiness, but my personal happiness in whatever form I pursue it. No, I won't make a march into a circus, but I will make sure that any reporter that actually dares to speak to me know that I'm as diverse in mind and spirit and as accepting as I feel OWS has led me to believe It is.


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