Mar. 15th, 2011

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 So I just got a "coaching" from work today.  I'm not getting my required call totals.  Ummmm...when I get the calls then I might get call totals!!!!!  

They wanted an action plan by this Friday.  Not sure what I could do to improve my number of calls.  They want me to get 9calls per hour...however from 7-9am I get maybe 9 calls.  So, I'm now behind.  So, I sent them plan: to keep aftercall at 45min. or less...which is actually 45 minutes LESS than they say is allowable for agents.  And stay available as much as possible.  

Then I put in my side:  I have consistently been keeping my aftercall at around 45 per day.  I have consistently been available for incoming calls over 2hrs per day...this means I'm waiting for a call to come to my phone.  I've kept my customer service score above 95% for over a year.  Since implementation of the Corporatacracy's  "no break if call total not on target" in Dec. I've pretty much have only my lunch hour away from work.  I'm feeling very punished for something I have no control over.  

I'm hoping that the HR person that is part of this "coaching" notice reads and listens.  But, I'm not holding breath...everyone any higher than us cogs only cares about money and so, dear husband...I may be losing this job due to unrealistic standards.  You can damn well bet I will be getting worker's comp from this!!!!


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